Slow cooker chicken broth

March 30, 2015


  Ahhh, Canadian March. That glorious time of year when we all pause, survey the recent surge in photos of strawberries and blossoms across America, and wonder what the hell we are doing here. We are a bewildering people, let me tell you. But at the same time, there’s something magical about this not-quite-spring time [...]

Chile Part 2: Valparaiso & Santiago

March 17, 2015


On our final morning in Patagonia, we were informed that the van that was supposed to take us to our bus (and, by extension, to civilization) had, in fact, already departed. Trying not to panic, I went from breakfast table to breakfast table, asking the lodge guests if they happened to be going into the [...]

Chile Part 1: Patagonia

March 10, 2015


As the type of traveller who generally prefers cafe-hopping over hiking, I can’t explain why I was so drawn to Patagonia. But thank goodness we decided to visit it during our time in Chile, as it was a complete and utter knockout. Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, our starting points, were sprawling, brightly-coloured towns, with [...]

Sriracha caramel corn

January 30, 2015


Dear readers, I was preparing in my head a long preamble about sports-watching (or in my case, usually not-sports-watching) and how snack culture is one of the few things I can get behind in terms of Game Day. But the thing is, we don’t really have time to chit chat, because I’ve stumbled across the [...]

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

January 27, 2015


Once in a while, I think my brain goes on a little vacation. Does this happen to you too? This past October, I sent a friend a letter when I was staying in Italy, but was dismayed to learn that she never received it. I cursed the Italian postal system, and made several ungracious jokes [...]