Sugared Cranberries

December 9, 2014


This Winter Worse than Most by Madelyne Camrud At night I awaken and listen to the house creak, its boards sharpening in the cold. Days we stay inside, looking out the window, and wonder at a world so deep into temperature. A nuthatch tweaks thistle seed from a feeder suction-cupped to the pane. In moments [...]

Castello di Potentino, revisited

November 9, 2014


Two summers ago, nearing the end of my year of travels, I arrived at Castello di Potentino. Up until then, I’d grown used to moving from bed to bed, city to city, without batting an eyelid. Overnight bus rides, cross-country train trips, dazed and aimless wanderings through airports — I’d been starting to feel completely [...]

Halloween Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

October 28, 2014


It was still summertime when I first began developing this cake as part of a collaboration with Natrel. Alan and I were headed off to a friend’s house for a backyard barbeque + picnic, so we brought the cake along with us, despite it being a little out of place amongst the burgers and salads [...]

Pie Crust 101

October 9, 2014


One of the nicest aspects of getting out of town is that it afforded me a few weeks of the warm, summer weather that we never really had this year. As a result, I found myself finally ready for fall upon my return. And fall it is! Gorgeous foliage, pumpkins in every store window, and [...]

Buckwheat plum cake & early fall

October 7, 2014


For the past three weeks, I’d been out of town, and now fall has fully settled in.  I was back at Castello di Potentino, birth site of Not Yer Granny’s Granola, Pappa al Pomodoro, and my undisputed favourite home-away-from-home. There will be plenty (and I mean plenty) of tales, recipes, and photos from the trip [...]