Harissa mac & cheese with za’atar and lamb sausage


Harissa mac & cheese with za'atar and lamb sausage: a spicy, intensely savory twist on the classic, and the perfect comfort food.

It’s getting deep into comfort food territory over here. We’ve had a ridiculously mild November this year, but it’s still grey and raining, and I doubt it’ll be long before it takes a turn for the worse. You know what I tried to make the other day? A kale salad. Granted, it was a kale […]

Spiced hot chocolate cake


Spiced hot chocolate cake: a decadent twist on a classic, with dark chocolate buttermilk frosting.

It’s a funny thing: even though I’ve been writing, styling, and taking photos here for almost three years, it still feels a little strange to think of myself as a food blogger. For a long time, I thought that maybe this was because this isn’t my day job (i.e. I’m not blogging professionally), that meant […]

Stuffed challah with apple butter and walnuts


Stuffed challah with apple butter and walnuts | One Tough Cookie

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, is generally devoid of the kind of hand-wringing, resolution-making, self-improvement binges that characterize its January 1st counterpart — after all, that’s Yom Kippur’s job. And yet, I find myself marking calendars with projects, trying to make more time for exercise, and thinking about the kind of work I want […]

No-bake plum tart with mascarpone, thyme, and gingersnap crust


No-bake plum tart with mascarpone, thyme, and gingersnap crust

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up in a distinctly different season. It was damp and cool, with wisps of fog trailing across the park. I tiptoed into the kitchen and put the kettle on boil, then curled under a blanket with my tea and a book. I can’t stand the winter or the […]

weekend reading 28.08.15



Welcome to the very-almost-weekend, friends! I’ve spent the past week testing more desserts than I humanly thought possible, until I started wearing little puffs of flour around like a second skin. I’ve also been toying with some re-design ideas for the site. After all, it’s been almost three years! I can hardly believe it. I’m […]