Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream

April 21, 2015

Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream

Looking back on my old posts, I realize that this space was pretty quiet last spring. I suspect it’s because I’m an April baby, and I struggle with how to talk about birthdays and the passage of time without sounding like a nostalgic fool (at the ripe old age of twenty-six). It’s been a whirlwind [...]

Summer’s Arrival: tea, mint, lemon, bourbon

April 15, 2015

Summer's arrival: tea, mint, lemon, bourbon; One Tough Cookie #TEAdays

It’s mid-April, which means there are fuzzy buds on the trees, crocuses nudging up from the earth, and people wandering around in shorts even though it’s barely 15°C. After all this time, it’s a relief to see signs of life again, but (if I may be truly honest) I’m perfectly content to fast-forward through spring [...]

Alice Medrich’s Coconut Macaroons

April 6, 2015


Given the number of dessert recipes on this site, dear readers, I doubt it will come as much of a surprise to you to learn that I do a great deal of baking. And, to be sure, I’ve had my share of flops — cakes that mysteriously sink, ‘healthy’ cookies that had the texture of [...]

Slow cooker chicken broth

March 30, 2015


  Ahhh, Canadian March. That glorious time of year when we all pause, survey the recent surge in photos of strawberries and blossoms across America, and wonder what the hell we are doing here. We are a bewildering people, let me tell you. But at the same time, there’s something magical about this not-quite-spring time [...]

Chile Part 2: Valparaiso & Santiago

March 17, 2015


On our final morning in Patagonia, we were informed that the van that was supposed to take us to our bus (and, by extension, to civilization) had, in fact, already departed. Trying not to panic, I went from breakfast table to breakfast table, asking the lodge guests if they happened to be going into the [...]