Sriracha caramel corn

January 30, 2015


Dear readers, I was preparing in my head a long preamble about sports-watching (or in my case, usually not-sports-watching) and how snack culture is one of the few things I can get behind in terms of Game Day. But the thing is, we don’t really have time to chit chat, because I’ve stumbled across the [...]

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

January 27, 2015


Once in a while, I think my brain goes on a little vacation. Does this happen to you too? This past October, I sent a friend a letter when I was staying in Italy, but was dismayed to learn that she never received it. I cursed the Italian postal system, and made several ungracious jokes [...]

Puff pastry tarts with pear and cranberry

January 12, 2015

Puff pastry tarts with pear and cranberry

I rarely make resolutions in January, and this year was no exception. It just seems to me that real change only happens when you finally reach a moment where it becomes obvious that the change needs to be made. I could write down a thousand times to eat fewer cookies (which, by the way, will [...]

Sugared Cranberries

December 9, 2014


This Winter Worse than Most by Madelyne Camrud At night I awaken and listen to the house creak, its boards sharpening in the cold. Days we stay inside, looking out the window, and wonder at a world so deep into temperature. A nuthatch tweaks thistle seed from a feeder suction-cupped to the pane. In moments [...]

Castello di Potentino, revisited

November 9, 2014


Two summers ago, nearing the end of my year of travels, I arrived at Castello di Potentino. Up until then, I’d grown used to moving from bed to bed, city to city, without batting an eyelid. Overnight bus rides, cross-country train trips, dazed and aimless wanderings through airports — I’d been starting to feel completely [...]