Overnight oats with chia, almond, and raspberry

Overnight oats with chia, almond, and raspberry

Hello everyone! Looking for a really simple, quick breakfast recipe that requires absolutely zero cooking on your part? Check out the recipe I made for Natrel for these overnight oats with chia seeds, almonds, and raspberries. It’s easily customized based on whatever you’ve got in your pantry, and takes all the work out of making […]

Honey Fig Cake + Layered Cookbook Giveaway!

Honey fig cake with yoghurt and thyme + Layered cookbook giveaway!

A few years ago, while I was trying to figure out which career I was going to pursue, there was a brief and ill-advised period in which I thought I would be a wedding cake baker. Except that I couldn’t stand fondant and refused to work with it. And it turns out that I don’t […]

Rhubarb thyme and lemon lime hamantaschen

Rhubarb thyme and lemon lime hamantaschen

One of my grandmothers called me the other day to ask me about preparing some hamantaschen in advance, and I realized that I haven’t written about these delightful cookies since 2013! (Fondly remembered as the days when literally everything for this blog was shot on a single, turquoise square.) Since Purim‘s all about badass ladies […]

Apricot rosemary rugelach

Rosemary apricot rugelach

I have always, always been a procrastinator. In high school, I fancied myself to be a teen prodigy (see also: misunderstood genius, centre of the universe, eldest child complex), so I was always leaving my projects up until the last possible second, racing through them, and miraculously still getting excellent grades. One of my teachers […]

Chocolate hazelnut meringue cake {gluten-free!}

Chocolate hazelnut meringue cake: a decadent, multi-layer cake that also happens to be gluten-free!

Alternative titles considered for this post: “How much raw cake batter can a person consume without dying?” “How to dirty basically all your dishes and not be certain it’s worth it *until* you bite into this cake.” “50 Shades of Meringue Making Agony.” “Cake supposedly serves six, but for real I am eating this all […]