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Strawberry Angel Food Dessert Recipe

Strawberry Angel Food Dessert Recipe

Using frozen strawberries, this easy dessert is sure to be a hit at any occasion. The creamy cheese glaze and whipped topping give it a rich, fruity flavor that will have you wanting more.

Frozen strawberries

During spring and summer, there is nothing like the sweet, tangy taste of strawberries in an Angel Food dessert recipe. This sweet treat is easy to make and a perfect dessert for family and friends.

You will only need two ingredients to make this dessert: angel food cake and strawberries. You can find this recipe in the grocery store and it only takes minutes to make. The cake is super moist and light. It is perfect for feeding a crowd and it is a budget friendly dessert.

Angel food cake is a light, chewy cake that is a great addition to a dessert. It is also a great dessert for making ahead of time. You can make it in an angel food cake pan or a 13×9 pan. You will need to refrigerate the cake for at least 2 hours before serving.

Once you have made the cake, you can serve it sliced or you can cut it into chunks. For a more decadent dessert, you can add chocolate shavings, mini chocolate chips, or a chocolate ganache.

Whipped topping

Adding whipped topping to strawberry angel food dessert is a simple yet delicious treat. Using a simple strawberry glaze, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, this dessert is easy to make. It’s a perfect way to serve a light and refreshing dessert on a spring or summer day.

To make whipped topping for strawberry angel food dessert, you’ll need two cups of whipped cream. You can use frozen strawberries, but it’s best to use fresh strawberries. Fresh strawberries should be stored in an airtight container.

You’ll also need a long serrated knife. You can also use a stand mixer. If you’re using a stand mixer, you can mix the cream on medium speed.

Next, you’ll need two packages of softened cream cheese. You’ll also need to add powdered sugar to the whipped cream. You can also add a little vanilla to the whipped cream.

You can make whipped topping for strawberry angel food dessert in advance, but you’ll need to freeze it for at least a couple of hours to make it creamier. Once frozen, the whipped cream will firm up and it’s best to serve it when it’s cold.

Cream cheese glaze

Having a creamy strawberry angel food dessert is a good way to celebrate the spring season. It’s a delicious dessert that’s easy to make. It can be served in a large 9×13 dish or made in individual servings.

The first thing to do is macerate the strawberries for at least two hours. This softens the fruit in the liquid and draws out the natural juices.

Another good time to macerate the strawberries is in the morning. This will keep them soft for the rest of the day.

You can also purchase a strawberry gel at the produce department. The gel will help keep the strawberries from turning brown.

After you’ve macerated the strawberries for a few hours, you’ll need to cut them into bite size pieces. You can also add lemon zest to the batter if you like.

Once you’ve macerated the strawberries, you can use them in this dessert. It’s a good idea to serve it with whipped cream or Cool Whip.

Store in the freezer

Whether you’re hosting a special occasion or looking for a dessert that can feed a large crowd, strawberry angel food dessert is a tasty treat. It’s made with angel food cake and fresh sliced strawberries, and it comes together quickly. It’s also a budget-friendly dessert.

You can purchase angel food cake in the bakery section of your local grocery store, or you can make it from a boxed mix. Once it’s baked, you can cut it into two layers and store it in the freezer for months. It’s also great for emergencies.

Make sure to store your angel food cake in an airtight container, such as a glass container or plastic wrap. It can be frozen for up to six months. If it is going to be in the freezer for longer, you should thaw it overnight to ensure a creamier consistency.

If you’re serving a thawed cake, you may need to add a sauce or fruit to add moisture. If you’re serving a thawed angel food cake with fruit, you should refrigerate the cake for at least one hour before serving.

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