Persimmon, beet, and halloumi winter salad (a collaboration!)


Persimmon, beet, and halloumi winter salad

One of the funny things about meeting up with other bloggers in real life is that even though you’ve technically never met, it often already feels as though you know them! Such was the case when I finally met Sofia (of From the Land we Live on) a couple of months ago. Months before, I’d […]

Vegetable Thukpa (Nepalese/Tibetan soup)


Vegetable Thukpa (Nepalese/Tibetan soup)

Almost exactly four years ago, I was travelling alone in northern India, figuring I’d hit up the extremely New Age city of Rishikesh and maybe learn a couple of yoga poses. Instead, I caught pneumonia, had to be transported by strangers to the local hospital, and just generally had a pretty awful/terrifying few days — […]

Weekend Reading 15.01.16


One Tough Cookie | Weekend Reading

Happy Friday! I was looking through some old resolutions I’d made (as a highschooler, in fact), and thinking about the things that change and the things that remain the same, sometimes shockingly so! The past year turned out to be much harder than I’d expected, with plenty of upheaval. Lucky for me, I’ve got an […]

Deb Perelman’s apple cider caramels


Apple cider caramels | One Tough Cookie

On the long, long list of things that went wrong during the creation of the (finally!) glorious Apple cider cake with salted caramel sauce, I accidentally made my first batch of caramel candy. Instead of using my usual foolproof salted caramel recipe, I’d decided to branch out and try a new recipe for bourbon caramel […]

No-churn chestnut ice cream with rum, dark chocolate, and toasted walnuts


No-churn chestnut ice cream with rum, dark chocolate, and toasted walnuts

When I was at Potentino last fall, the chestnuts had begun to fall from the trees, making it slightly hazardous for us helmet-less visitors to walk from town to town. After one particular close call, one of the volunteers who was from England told me that apparently it’s a tradition over there to play a […]