Weekend Reading 26.06.2015

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If you’ve been keeping tabs on food coverage in the media in the past few years, I’m sure you’ve noticed the hyper-abundance of listicles. Top 5 and Top 10 lists abound, with seemingly endless advice about where to eat and what to drink and how to prepare kale so that it doesn’t just taste like this horrible green leaf that you have to chew for more than ten minutes before it softens enough to swallow.

That being said, there is also so much food writing out there that’s really sharp, smart, funny, and moving. I wanted to create a space where I could share some of the pieces I’ve stumbled across, so I’m going to be doing this weekend reading roundup once or twice a month. It’ll be a mishmash of recipes and posts by fellow food bloggers I admire, food journalism, longform essays, and anything else I think might be of interest that’s food-related. Some of the pieces I share will be recent, and others will be favourites of mine from a few years ago.

So without further ado, happy reading!


Alanna Taylor-Tobin of The Bojon Gourmet wrote two incredibly helpful, informative posts to help food bloggers navigate the struggles that come with negotiating a cookbook deal. Read her reasons for turning down her first offer, and for accepting another that came a year later.


A perfect summer salad with grains, fennel, & cherries, plus some lessons on trusting one’s own body (and resisting the impulse to offer unsolicited advice to pregnant ladies) from The Gouda Life‘s Kelly Brisson.


Great article by Sasha Chapman for The Walrus on why junk food tastes great but leaves us hungrier than ever.

“When [we] bite into foods that taste like tacos, cherries, grapes, or oranges, [our] brains think [we] are actually eating tacos, cherries, grapes or oranges,” he writes. “But what [we] are actually tasting are flavor chemicals”—that is, artificial molecular combinations that don’t necessarily have any connection to the actual nutrients absorbed into our bodies.”


For anyone who, like me, struggles to navigate through the dozens of dumplings available on any given dim sum menu, Lucky Peach teamed up with The Cleaver Quarterly to publish this handy illustrated guide.


And last but not least, a beautiful essay by Keith Pandolfi for Eater on his difficult relationship with his father, a recovering alcoholic, and the way they bonded over dinners at the local chain restaurant.

“‘I’m worried about you,’ my father would say to me as we sat across the laminate-topped table from each other, our arms folded the same way, our matching hunched postures. I would tell him I was fine, I was happy, that there was nothing to forgive him for. He wasn’t buying it: ‘You act like you’re fine,’ he’d say. ‘But all of the things I did are going to catch up with you if you don’t start talking about it now.'”




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3 Responses to “Weekend Reading 26.06.2015”

  1. Susie July 15, 2015 at 7:32 PM #

    Right there with you on the listicles and kale! Although I do find prepackaged lists helpful to pass along on twitter because the thing people seem to love the most is simply a good photo. Thanks for passing along blogging wisdom – it’s an interactive sport, isn’t it?

  2. Kelly @ The Gouda Life June 26, 2015 at 2:18 PM #

    Thanks so much for sharing the salad recipe, Alanna! Sending smooches from Ottawa. Xx

    • toughcookie June 28, 2015 at 9:36 PM #

      Thank you for sharing the recipe in the first place, plus your thoughtful words! We made a variation of it on Friday and have been enjoying it all weekend!