Weekend reading 24.07.15

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Weekend Reading

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiday! May your weekend be full of sunshine and beaches, blueberry gin fizzes, bike rides, and long, lazy breakfasts.

Here’s a little weekend reading to tide you over until Monday:

Roberto Ferdman wrote this piece for the Washington Post breaking down the science behind the major flavours in Indian cuisine, and why it tastes so delicious! Be prepared for an unstoppable malai kofta craving once you’re done reading this.

For animal lovers and pet owners alike, this piece isn’t going to be an easy read, but I think it’s really, really important. There’s an arbitrariness and hypocrisy in the distinction we make (especially in Western culture) between ‘animals for eating’ and ‘animals for keeping as pets.’ One of the most obvious examples is the outrage expressed in the West against the practice of eating dogs in other parts of the world. Jean Kim wrote an incredibly thoughtful, nuanced article for Paste Magazine about this issue.

“After my breakfast of Special K and Activia, but before my two-Luna Bar lunch, I sat down with a cup of Mother’s Milk lactation tea and reached between my legs to make sure the balls I was born with were still there.” Adam Raymond for the Thrillist, on spending two weeks eating only food marketed for women.

As someone who’s spent more or less her entire adult life in the service industry, I must say that I can’t wait for the day that we eliminate tipping from the equation. A piece in CivilEats on the progressive new restaurants paying their staff a living wage.

And last but not least, food blogger Gabriel Cabrera (of The Artful Desperado) has been making some insaaaaaaaaaaane-looking summer treats lately. Namely, this frozen lemon custard with berry crumble, and these coconut dark chocolate slushies with smashed berries. Be still, my heart!



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  1. Dadaa July 24, 2015 at 12:27 PM #

    Beautiful cover photo, my dear.