One Tough Cookie’s beginner cooking tips

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One Tough Cookie's beginner cooking tips

Yo, yo, YO homies.

Guess what? It’s the second week of school!

If you happen to be the parent of a post-secondary student living on campus right now, I guarantee that your cooking — criminally under-appreciated for the last 18 years — is all of a sudden starting to seem prettyyyyy amazing right now, compared to your kid’s dining hall food. Most kids are suddenly learning the hard way how good they had it at home, and wishing they hadn’t left before learning how to boil pasta.

Not to worry, though! I teamed up again with The Varsity to compile both a list of handy tips for the beginner cook, and a few simple recipes for them to test their wings with. These links also happen to be helpful if you’ve got a middle school/high school-aged kid at home that you would like to start early with, or for any of your grown adult friends who never seem to have more than ketchup in the fridge.

Real post coming soon, I promise!



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