Halloween Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

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It was still summertime when I first began developing this cake as part of a collaboration with Natrel. Alan and I were headed off to a friend’s house for a backyard barbeque + picnic, so we brought the cake along with us, despite it being a little out of place amongst the burgers and salads and fruit. But here’s the thing: when we undid the lid from the cake carrier, this perfect, sugar-laced cake scent fanned across the yard and the cake was subsequently devoured. And I mean devoured.

As you can probably tell from its colouring, this baby is loaded with chocolate. There’s the dark chocolate milk (– and might I just say how incredibly difficult it was even to save enough of that stuff for the cake? I don’t think our carton lasted a full day before being utterly annihilated) and cocoa for extra richness. The pumpkin keeps the cake moist and lends it a certain earthiness. The frosting is cream cheese and butter mixed with sugar — i.e. everything that is holy on this earth– kissed with a little orange zest and cardamom, though if you didn’t have cardamom, cinnamon would work too.





You can find the recipe for the Halloween Chocolate Pumpkin Cake over at the Natrel website.

Also, if you didn’t happen to have a piping bag around for frosting the cake, you could just: a) slather the icing on with a spoon, and consider the pumpkin ridges optional or b) snip the tip off of a large ziplock bag, fill, and pipe away!

Either way, you really, really ought to try this cake.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Do you have any favourite Halloween recipes I should be trying?



This post is part of a collaboration with Natrel. At One Tough Cookie, I’m beginning to work (once in a while) with quality brands to create recipes I think my readers will enjoy. Working with sponsors gives me an opportunity to create quality content more often. If you have any questions about the sponsored posts, please don’t hesitate to email me at alanna@toughcookieblog.com

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